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HXHV Hot Selling Slewing Bearings

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We Supply OEM Service, Wholesale Factory Price, Ce Certificate.
We Are Slewing Bearing Manufacturer, Contact Us For Catalog And Price List.
OEM Service: Custom Bearing’S Size, Logo, Packing, Etc.
Good Quality And First-Class After-Sale Service.

  • Certificate: CE / SGS
  • OEM Service: Custom bearing's material, size, logo, packing, etc.
  • Payment: T/T, Paypal, Western Union, Credit Card, Trade Assurance
  • Bearing Manufacturer: Factory wholesale price. Reliable supplier
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    Brand: HXHV or Non Brand.

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    Bearing's model numbers
    CRBH10016 RA10008 RB10016 RU124 YRT100 SHF14 CSF14
    CRBH10020 RA11008 RB10020 RU148 YRT120 SHF17 CSF17
    CRBH2008 RA12008 RB2008 RU28 YRT150 SHF20 CSF20
    CRBH3010 RA13008 RB3010 RU42 YRT180 SHF25 CSF25
    CRBH3510 RA14008 RB3510 RU52 YRT200 SHF32 CSF32
    CRBH4510 RA15008 RB4510 RU66 YRT50
    CRBH5013 RA5008 RB5013 RU85 YRT80
    CRBH6013 RA6008 RB6013
    CRBH7013 RA7008 RB7013
    CRBH8016 RA8008 RB8016
    CRBH9016 RA9008 RB9016


    Pease contact us for the price list.

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  • To sent you the suitable price asap, we must know your basic requirements as below.

    Bearing’s model number / quantity / material and any other special requirement on packing.

    Sucs as: 608zz / 5000 pieces / chrome steel material


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