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KA035CP0 KA035CPO HXHV Thin Section Ball Bearing

Short Description:

Model Number: KA035CP0
MOQ: 5 pieces
Unit Price: 13.57 usd/pcs
Material: Chrome steel bearing with brass retainer
Bore Diameter: 88.9 mm / 3.5 inch
Outer Diameter: 101.6 mm / 4 inch
Width: 6.35 mm / 0.25 inch
Weight: 0.081646632 kg / 0.18 lbs.

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    The HXHV KA035CP0 Thin Section Ball Bearing is characterized by the following specifications:

    • Size: 88.9x101.6x6.35mm
    • Material: Chrome Steel
    • Precision Rating: P6
    • Seals Type: Open

    The KA035CP0 bearing is specified in inches. Here are the details:

    • Inch Size:
      • Bore Diameter: 3.5000 inches
      • Outside Diameter: 4.0000 inches
      • Overall Width: 0.2500 inches

    The weight of the KA035CP0 bearing is specified in inches and is approximately 0.18 lbs.

    This bearing is designed for applications requiring a compact and lightweight solution. It can withstand radial loads, moderate axial loads, reversing axial loads, and moment loads. The chrome steel construction and P6 precision rating indicate durability and high manufacturing standards.

    Applications of KA035CP0 include its use in mechanical or robot arms. Additionally, it finds suitability in rotating platforms, such as those in industrial or medical settings.

    The slim design of the bearing, with a bore diameter of 88.9 mm (3.5 inches), outer diameter of 101.6 mm (4 inches), and width of 6.35 mm, makes it ideal for space-constrained applications.




    We supply service as below:
    1, OEM service, custom bearing's size, logo and packing.
    2, CE certificate, EPR certificate. SGS report.
    3, One year warranty.
    4, Competitive wholesale price.
    5, Short lead-time and fast delivery.
    6, Free sample for regular customers. New buyer can get part bearings as free sample.


    薄壁详情-等截面类型_04 薄壁详情-等截面类型_06

    Thin section ball bearings find applications in various industries due to their unique design, which combines reduced cross-sections with precision engineering. Some common applications include:


    1. Aerospace: Thin section bearings are utilized in aerospace applications where weight is a critical factor, and space is limited. Their lightweight design contributes to fuel efficiency.
    2. Medical Systems: In medical equipment and devices, where compact size and precise movement are essential, thin section bearings are employed. They play a role in applications such as medical robotics and imaging systems.
    3. Robotics: The compact nature of thin section bearings makes them suitable for robotics, allowing for efficient space utilization without compromising on performance.
    4. Astronomy: In telescope mounts and other astronomical instruments, thin section bearings provide the necessary precision for smooth and accurate movement.
    5. High-End Electronics: Thin section bearings are used in high-end electronic devices and gadgets where space constraints require compact yet high-performance bearings.
    6. Automation and Machinery: Various automated systems and machinery leverage thin section bearings for their combination of lightness, precision, and space efficiency.



    Wuxi HXH Bearing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 with our own brand "HXHV" and located in Wuxi Jiangsu, China.


    As a reliable bearing supplier, our Factory supply cheap wholesale price. The bearing's prcie depends on buyer's requirement about the bearing. Such as bearing's size, material, packing, application, precision range, clearance range, etc.


    We also supply OEM Service and produce bearing based on buyer's drawings or samples.At present, we also supply well-known brand bearings. Please contact us for more details.


    We supply different bearing types includ ball bearings, roller bearings, linear guides, rubber coated bearings, linear bearings, etc. Buyers can purchase all kinds of bearings here.


    Look forward to working with you!

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    1, Universal packing.
    2, HXHV Packing.
    3, Customized Packing.
    4, Original brand packing. Contact us for more pictures.


    We usually send goods by sea or by air freight depends on the weight and volum of your pakcage, such as UPS, Fedex, DHL, TNT, EMS, etc. If buyer has designated forwarder, we can also send goods to them directly based on buyer's requirement.


    What is the Shipping Cost?
    The shipping cost depens on the gross weight and delivery address.


    If you have any further question, please feel free to contact us.


    Customized Logo?
    Yes, you can add your logo on bearings and packing box.
    We supply OEM SERVICE including bearing's size, logo, packing, etc.


    The MOQ is usually USD$100, except shipping cost.


    Free Sample?
    Some samples are free. It depends on bearing's value and sample quantity. Please contact us for more details.


    Yes. Please contact us to get catalog.


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