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BT40-AMER32-160 HXHV 90 degree angle head for cnc standing horizontal machining center boring machine planer milling machine

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Product Name: 90 degree angle head

Model Number: BT40

We supply OEM customized service.

Feature: High speed 4500rpm,  high precision IP6 or IP8, high bearing precision ABEC7 or ABEC9, high hardness.

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    Angle head (can be developed and customized) Model: BT40-25 / BT40-32 / BT50-25 / BT50-32 / BT50-40
    Floating reamer model: C20-ER20 / C20-ER25 / C20-ER32 / C25-ER20 / C25-ER25 / C25-ER32

    Angle head floating reamer is a tool used for articulating machines. It consists of two parts: an angle head and a floating reamer. The angle head can be rotated to allow the reamer to contact the workpiece at multiple angles, allowing for different angles and orientations of the articulation. At the same time, the floating reamer is able to move freely when articulating, which better adapts to the shape and contour of the workpiece, ensuring the best reaming results.Its characteristics are: 1. IP6/8 waterproof 2. High-quality manganese steel material 3. Good heat dissipation performance, speed 4500 4. Bearing accuracy reaches ABEC7/9 level or above 5. Lightweight design, automatic tool change can be realized on the tool library 6. Vacuum quenching carbon nitrogen careful treatment, interface hardness is higher and more durable




    90 degree angle heads are commonly used in the manufacturing and machining industries. It is a tool attached to a drilling or milling machine that allows drilling or milling at right angles to the surface being machined.

    Some common applications for 90 degree angle heads include drilling in tight spaces, drilling or milling on the side of a workpiece, and drilling or milling at right angles to previously machined surfaces.

    It is also used in the automotive industry for handling engines and chassis where space is limited in some areas.

    Also, the 90-degree angle head is useful in woodworking for drilling holes at right angles or in tight spaces.

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